Loan Comparison Calculator

Loan Comparison Calculator

Compare up to 2 loans with this calculator. Enter the loan amount, interest rate, and term of each loan and this calculator will show you the payment amount, the total interest you will pay, and the actual cost for each loan.

Important information

All applications for credit are subject to Banks normal credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions are available on application of every bank in which loan will be applied.

This is an estimate and it is provided for illustrative purposes only and is based on the accuracy of information provided. It does not constitute a quote. To apply for a loan you must complete an application.

The repayment amount and total interest payable excludes Processing fees and Mortgage Insurance / Life Insurance.

If a Variable Rate Loan is selected, the interest rate will be subject to market change throughout the term of the Loan.

Results are based on amortised scheduled repayments and, once any discount or fixed rate period expires, the current variable rate or the variable rate is applied for the remainder of the loan term (unless another fixed rate period is taken).

Creative Finserve will not store the information provided in this calculator.

What is Loan comparison calculator?
This Loan Comparison Calculator computes an estimate of the size of your monthly loan payments for two loans at the same time. You can also use it to compare the total payments and total interest paid for different interest rates, loan tenure and monthly payments.
How to use Loan comparison calculator?

To use the loan comparison calculator you need to enter your existing loan details with the loan amount, rate of interest, and tenure. You can also use this tool while applying for fresh loan. You need to know your loan amount and the tenure you are going for. You can compare the rate of the interest you have received and the rate of interest you are looking at.

How much reliable is Loan comparison calculator?

Loan comparison can be relied if you put accurate data such as your salary, your current obligation, age etc. Please note that this is an approximate guideline only.

What all information will I get from Loan comparison calculator?

Loan comparison will give you the eligibility amount and also the tenure you are looking for after putting vital information such as salary, current obligation, etc. Loan comparison will help you to determine the monthly installments you are likely to pay on your loan. It is a unique calculator where you can not only find your eligibility but can also evaluate the total interest payable at the end of the loan tenure.

What all steps you need to follow to use Loan comparison calculator?

To get an approximate result you need to input few important details such as your salary, your current obligation your age etc. You can also determine your monthly installments you are likely to bear on your loan.

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